Thursday, June 9, 2011

Valencia CF wallpapers initiative

Hello ladies and gentlemen, fellow Valencia fans. I was looking for Valencia CF wallpapers and it seems that there are overall less than 20 Valencia CF wallpapers and maybe few more if you count the Valencia players wallpapers, but the point if that there is too little of them.

So if you know some VCF wallpapers that can't be found on google or can create new ones, please message me on my email: slickr12345_at_yahoo_dot_com.

I'd like when people search the term Valencia CF on the internet there to be a lot more wallpapers, that people can put as backgrounds in their desktops and just be amazed. So I'm starting this initiative to create VCF wallpapers and if there are people out there that know their Photoshop stuff I'd like to call to make Valencia CF wallpapers and of course send them to me or host them at a website and email me the link.

I may turn this into some sort of competition for the best wallpaper if there is enough wallpapers forwarded towards me.