Monday, June 27, 2011

Valencia CF wallpapers batch 2

With news quite low for today I guess I have time to put on some wallpapers I've created.

I'd like to once again give the initiative for the creation of new wallpapers for Valencia CF, if you're a fan of Valencia and have the skills, please create new wallpapers. You can send them to my email at slickr12345_at_yahoo_dot_com or upload them on the internet and send me the link so I can point them out to people.If you are a website and want to join the initiative just call for wallpapers creation on your website.
I'd like everyone to share the wallpapers so they are widely available so you can contact me and collaborate.

Note: more variants will be uploaded at the facebook page, so check us out on facebook for a few more variants. More wallpapers will be released in the future.

So here they are: