Sunday, June 12, 2011

Valencia CF transfers speculation

There has been a lot of news the past couple of days in the transfers department and the biggest news has definitely been Kevin Gameiro doing a 180 degree flip and joining PSG, instead of Valencia CF.

But as I've said this is probably a good thing in disguise and Valencia CF staff will now focus their attention on signing two defenders. Since our piggy bank has all of a sudden increased by 10 million euros we didn't spend on a forward, we can now spend 10 million more on defense. Valencia is looking at signing a right back and another central defender to accompany Adil Rami.
Valencia CF will not look to buy another striker as the current 3 strikers are deemed sufficient by the technical staff and coaching staff.

Juan Mata has once again been linked to a move away from Valencia CF, this time with a move to Liverpool, but as you'd imagine this is not true at all. Juan Mata has said he is happy at Valencia and wants to stay and the club want to keep him as well. In fact I know for a fact that the club is trying to build a team around him, because right now he is our best player.

Then there is the situation with Joaquin Sanchez and his transfer to Malaga which reportedly is closer and closer and Malaga has increased its offer from 2 million euros to 3 million to now 5 million euros for the winger. I think Valencia CF will still push for 7 million and hopefully we'll be able to get 7 million, but whatever the case Joaquin is very, very close to going to Malaga.

The deal with Getafe about Daniel Parejo is sealed and done. The wait was on Real Madrid to officially confirm they won't exercise their option to buy-back the player and the deal could go through. I have reasons to believe that Real Madrid have given it the go and we are now waiting for just an official statement from Valencia CF that they've signed Daniel Parejo.