Friday, June 10, 2011

Valencia CF loosing Kevin Gameiro

Well its almost certain that Valencia CF is going to loose Kevin Gameiro, as Valencia and Lorient are unable to come to an agreement over the transfer price. Even though Gameiro has been very vocal about coming to Valencia, Lorient president isn't budding one bit and keeps his firm position.

The fact that Llorente came out public and said that Valencia CF won't pay 12 million euros to bring Gameiro just sort of seals the fate of this transfer.

There are two other options but they are probably bad for every party involved and one is to use the Uefa legislation that allows a player to buy out his contract and the other one is to basically wait out a year and get Gameiro for free.

Both of those options are bad because if Valencia used that Uefa legislation it would damage its reputation and this fares bad for our sponsors, fans and how other clubs would view Valencia.

The option of waiting out 1 year is also pretty bad, especially from the players perspective and even from Valencia's side as who knows what will happen in one year, maybe Gameiro will become bad, maybe we would find cheaper but better forwards, etc...