Thursday, June 30, 2011

Valencia CF future in danger?

This is huge news, the future of Valencia CF is right now basically up for grabs with court ruling to be made for the 2009 initiative to sell its shares to Valencia members.
If the ruling is in favor of the plaitiff it can spell disaster as all the good work the club has done in the past 2 years can come down crushing and bringing the club once again in a messy situation with people fighting for

Its a complex issue, but the main thing is that the ghost of Juan Soler comes back to hunt Valencia CF once again. The plaintiff says that 70% of the shares were captured by the Valencia foundation which was then to sell the shares.

So whatever the case is Valencia CF as a football club should not be held hostage by anyone, especially in these dire situations and especially after Juan Soler basically robbed the club of its wealth.

If someone is more knowledgeable about this issue please enlighten me as this is the first time I've heard about this issue and would love to read some input into it.