Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gameiro disses Valencia, goes to PSG

Valencia CF president Manuel Llorente and Lorient president Loyce Fery had a long and tough negotiation yesterday in London, but actually managed to reach an agreement for the transfer of Kevin Gameiro.
Manuel Llorente gave and increased the bet to 10 million euros, at what point Loyce accepted the transfer fee.

But in an unbelievable turn of events Kevin Gameiro dissed Valencia CF and had chosen to accept the offer from French PSG.

Kevin Gameiro had decided with the "guidance" of French national team coach, more like bribery or something, where he essentially threatened Gameiro to go to PSG or he will be dropped from the national squad and from the upcoming European Championchip and of course Gameiro broke and accepted the PSG deal. He should have called Laurent Blanc bluff and moved forward to join Valencia, just as he declined offers from a ton of other clubs.

Lets just say that the Valencia delegation was visibly disappointed and confused by this move by Kevin Gameiro. After tough negotiations, putting aside a lt of other transfers and even paying 10 million euros to bring him, this has been one of the most bizarre happenings in the newer history of Valencia.