Saturday, May 21, 2011

Valencia CF transfer rumors

There are reports that Manuel Fernandes is close to signing to Besiktas. Supposedly the player has agreed personal terms with the club and wants to stay there. The two clubs are now in negotiations, but Valencia want money closer to 6 million euros because the buy-out clause is set at 8 million euros, but Besiktas thinks that is way too much and is willing to give between 2-4 million euros.

In other news there are reports that Malaga has agreed personal terms with Joaquin and its up to Valencia to negotiate the right price to let Joaquin go. Malaga has been interested in Joaquin for quite a while now and it seems reports have been true. Valencia are likely to sell Joaquin if they get an offer of 8 million euros, but Malaga is likely to bargain with the fact Joaquin has only 1 year left in his contract with Valencia.

He is one of the most expensive paid players lagging behind to only David Albelda and Del Horno and at 30 years old he is not getting any younger.

BTW here are the top 5 paid players in Valencia CF right now:
Del Horno - 4.200.000€
David Albelda - 3.200.000€
Joaquín Sánchez - 3.000.000€
Vicente Rodríguez - 2.600.000€
David Navarro - 2.100.000€

As you can see Del Horno who hasn't even played for Valencia in the past two season is the most paid player and older players such as Albelda, Joaquin, Vicente and Navarro who are past their prime are in the top 5.

The fact that Mata is paid less than these players just shows how big of an financial strain these players are on the club and no wonder the club wants to release or sell all of them but Albelda.

In fact Albelda is probably the only one that is going to stay, but at a much reduced salary.