Monday, May 23, 2011

Valencia CF 2010/11 season review

Valencia won the last match of the season and now the 2010/11 season is officially over. The club has already celebrated for reaching the objectives of 3rd place and the end of the season. The players are going to be going on their summer vacations or in negotiations with different clubs.

Players like club legend Vicente Rodriguez, bad boy Chori Dominguez, criminal behavior Miguel Brito, and aristocrat Asier Del Horno are all on the leave list. David Navarro and Joaquin Sanchez are so-so, while David Albelda is likely to sing a one year contract, while Marius Stankevicious future depends of whether Navarro stays and possible defensive reinforcements.

The transfer list:
Players 100% staying:

Vicente Guaita, Angel Dealbert, Ricardo Costa, Jordi Alba, Mehmet Topal, Alberto Tino Costa, Hedwidges Maduro, Pablo Hernandez, Juan Mata, Jonas Gonclaves and Roberto Soldado.

Players likely to stay:
Bruno Saltor, Jeremy Mathieu, Marius Stankevicious, Ever Banega, Sofiane Feghuoli.

Players likely and/or certain to leave:
Cezar Sanchez, Miguel Angel Moya, Renan, Miguel Brito, David Navarro, Manuel Fernandes, Joaquin Sanchez, Vicente Rodriguez, Chori Dominguez and Aritz Aduriz.

The play:
The one thing Valencia CF leads all other teams in the Primera league is the amount of crosses. Valencia has the most amounts of crosses, 887 to be exact, which is about 100 more than the third placed team.  This is a telling statistic as it tells us that Valencia’s passing play is lacking. In fact most of the crosses have not found a Valencia player and that is all lost balls. 

Real Madrid and Barcelona have 719 and 663 crosses respectively and yet have scored so much more goals.
Valencia needs to improve the passing play, especially short passing play and must do it more often, of course crosses are important as well, but the players must work on their crossing accuracy as well. 

Depending too much on crosses has also been such a weakness at times for Valencia, because when they are out of ideas all the players do is cross and as already stated with such bad accuracy or tactic behind those crosses it’s just lost possession.

Valencia has scored most goals (15) between the 75th-90th minute, while is has conceded most goals (11) between the 30th-45th minute. Overall Valencia has scored 62 goals which put it in 3rd place behind Barcelona and Real Madrid and has conceded 44 goals which put it in 4th place, same level as Villarreal and behind to Barcelona, Real Madrid and Real Sporting.

Overall Valencia has scored 66 goals, conceded 44 goals and has a difference of 20 goals.


Tactically speaking Valencia hasn’t been very consistent, with changing tactic and formations almost on a weekly basis. Valencia started with the 4-2-3-1 formation in the first few weeks, but after the first loss Emery started experimenting more and changing up the formation.
The players were already changing week in, week out so for a long time there wasn’t one set of staring eleven of basic formation.

Valencia coach Unai Emery has tried a lot of formations from the 4-2-3-1 to 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 5-4-1, 4-1-2-1-2 and variation of the mentioned. Whatever the case might have been Valencia has had good performances most of the time, at least in the Spanish league, while luck wasn’t on Valencia’s side when we faced Villarreal CF in the Copa Del Rey or when we faced Schalke 04 in the Uefa Champions League, even though Valencia were by far the better team against Schalke 04 and realistically deserved to go through..

It wasn’t until the last stretch of the season when Unai Emery became more consistent with the formations and starting line-up with very slight changes if any. This did not brink spectacular results, but Valencia did manage to beat Villarreal 5-0 with it, just so that it crumbled against Real Madrid.

Overall 2010/11 season has been positive with the objectives reached and a good enough run in the Champions League to put Valencia on the European map again and bring in some much needed cash to the treasury.
However the team is still not out of the woods and destined to be in the champions league by automation. The team needs to strengthen this summer, because its rivals will certainly will, as Atletico Madrid look to rebuild their squad, Sevilla look to find a great coach to help them build on the winter acquisitions they’ve made and Villarreal certainly will look to continue their good form this season.

This is why Valencia needs to strengthen the squad this summer and the players that are going to stay at Valencia to continue improving and giving 110% percent in training so that we can at least guarantee 3rd place again next season and possibly come closer to the dynamic duo – Real Madrid and Barcelona.