Saturday, May 21, 2011

Deportivo La Coruna 0-2 Valencia CF - Match Report

The 2010/11 season is officially over. Congratulations to the players, coaching team, medical staff, management staff, the fans and everyone else. Even though our place was secured before this match its good to finish the season on a high note, but it was also a bitter sweet victory since Deportivo La Coruna was relegated because of Valencia and Deportivo is a club with a pretty rich history in Spain. Once upon a time they actually were in the top 4 teams for a few seasons and fought for the title.

Lotina's face tells it all
The match started off with an early lead for Valencia CF after Joaquin Sanchez cross found Aritz Aduriz in the penalty area and this one managed to luckily place the ball in the net.

After that there were some early exchanges with mostly crosses and long passes that weren't really threatening from both sides and the teams were pretty equal in everything from possession to crosses and shots.

There were few exchanges until the whistle for half time blew.

In the second half Deportivo La Coruna went all out and started attacking more dangerosly, there were quite a lot of crosses from the wings and Deportivo players easily crossing past Alba and Bruno, luckily most of the time there wasn't any particualr danger towards Valencia goal, though Deportivo did come close to scoring few times.

Aritz Aduriz towards the end also had a good chance and the ball was going through Aranzubia legs, but the ball barely hit his leg and went outside.

Deportivo were getting desparate and they started threwing all men forward, in the end after a failed corner kick in a Valencia counter attack Joaquin found Soldado alone and this one easily scored a goal and increased his goal tally to 18.

Technical Details:
Deportivo de la Coruña (0): Aranzubía; M. Pablo, Lopo, Colotto, Laure; J. Rodríguez, Rubén, Guardado (Lassad, min. 81); Valerón; Riki (Xisco, min. 66) y Adrián.

Valencia CF (2): César, Bruno, David Navarro, Dealbert, Jordi Alba; Albelda, Topal; Joaquín, Éver (Tino Costa, min. 61), Mata (Jonas, min. 70); Aduriz (Soldado, min. 81).

Goals: 1-0 Aduriz (min. 4), 0-2 Soldado (min. 94).
Player Ratings:
Cezar 7 - Great performance from the veteran keeper, showed he still has fight left in him and made few important saves.
Bruno 5.5 - Not very active going forward, a bit poor on the marking side and allowed a few too many crosses.
Navarro 6 - Had a somewhat silly mistake in the first half when he threw himself on the ground to try and tackle a Deportivo player that way and was fortunate it wasn't a goal, otherwise did well.
Dealbert 6 - Had 2 or 3 shaky moments, especially when forming offside traps, but did well overall.
Alba 6 - A bit better than Bruno with the marking and going forward, but he as well allowed few too many crosses.
Joaquin 7.5 - Great performance from Joaquin, ended the season with a bang, just the way as he started it.
Albelda 6 - Very standard, very secure, good passing and good cover for the defense.
Topal 6 - Same as Albelda.
Ever 6 - A bit slow with his passing and a bit too stationary. Not the best performance from him and needs to work really hard and show a lot more.
Mata 6 - Decent performance, missed two good opportunities to score, lost a few balls a bit too easily, but overall a decent performance.
Aduriz 6 - Scored a goal, but was largely ineffective and his movement was very predictable. If VCF get Gameiro he is probably going to be sold.
Tino Costa 6 - Continued similarly to Ever, not better, but not worse either.
Jonas 5.5 - Had one shot on goal, had a a bit limited time to make an impact though.
Soldado 6 - He is on fire, came in and in 10 minutes had 3 runs on goal, one of which ended in a goal. Even though Deportivo wasn't too focused on defense he still showed great positional sense and skill.