Saturday, April 23, 2011

Valencia CF 3-6 Real Madrid - Match Report

Well its official, Valencia CF defense sucks and it couldn't be more obvious than today. The cover tactics were also poor, as there was only 3 players covering 3 countering players from Real Madrid and today the Real Madrid players proved more successful.

Basically all the goals Real Madrid scored were from counter attacks, but otherwise they played rather poor and sat back in their own half and defended. This was basically a very defensive approach by Jose Mourinho, something of the sort what Inter played Barcelona in the last year in the Champions League, not that defensive, but definitely may be called anti-football by some if people go into an argument.

Most of all though it was individual mistakes that made the big score differential, with Guaita, Mathieu, Stankevicious and Ricardo all doing defensive mistakes. The whole back line in a word sucked and this may as well be possibly one of the worst defensive showings in the last 3-4 years.

I won't go into detail or play by play, because its pointless, but I'll say that this is historically Valencia's biggest loss from Real Madrid and its pretty embracing actually.

Well at least this shows the disparity between the two top clubs in Spain versus the rest of the teams and maybe some huge and powerful guy reads this blog and makes something about it, or we are going to be seeing real-barca borefest for the next 10 years as things are going.

Player Ratings:
Guaita 2 - At fault for the first and third goal, should have done much better overall.
Miguel 4 - Lost Kaka for the 5th or maybe it was the 6th goal, who can remember there were so many, but yeah not a good performance overall, though he was probably the least at fault.
Stankevicious 1 - Made look like a newbie, lost position for one of the goals, got dribbled past for the 5th and bad performance overall, the scoreboard shows all.
R. Costa 1 - Same as Stankevicous, too relaxed and could have stopped at least one goal has he committed, but lost the challenges too easily.
Mathieu 1 - Very poor performance from the Frencheman, he went forward a lot, but completelly forgot about his defensive duties and 4 out of the 6 goals came directly from his side.
Topal 5 - Not his best night, covered pretty decent at the back and made a nuisance of himself, but in a 3 on 3 situation he looses position as he is not a core defender.
Maduro 3 - Not really effective at anything, was not doing much at defense, was not doing anything at attacks, he was basically just standing there and just returning every passed ball to him immediately.
Banega 5 - Same as Topal, more effective going forward, but is not too good defensively.
Pablo 4 - Had some good moments, but as much as they were good, they were bad at the same time as he missed 2 good chances for goal and didn't make the final pass on two other occasions.
Mata 6.5 - Very active in attack, very creative and run all over the pitch, one assist, but the match was over by then.
Soldado 4 - Little service tonight, had one run towards goal, but otherwise completely covered by the Madrid defense.
Joaquin 5 - Same as Jonas, was not more successful than Pablo, maybe a bit more direct running, but could not change the game.
Jonas 5.5 - The match was pretty much over when he came in, not the game changer by any means, although he did score a goal.
Alba 5 - Scored a late goal.