Sunday, March 13, 2011

Valencia CF replacement coaches for Unai Emery - analysis

I'm going to do a little bit of analasys of which coaches can replace Emery, should he be let go in the summer.
The coaches that will be on the list are some fan favorites and they are thought to be able to produce better results than emery.

1. Rafael Benitez. This for some is the most logical choice as older fans will remember one of the biggest successes of Valencia Cf with him as the coach and are likely to support such a move.
Lets not forget though that while Rafa is no doubt a good coach, his most successive spell was when he was in Valencia from 2001 to 2004. He won the Champions League with Liverpool and then brought Liverpool once again in the final, but he failed to win the Premier League with Liverpool in his 6 years with them.

Most notably is the recent failure with Inter where he managed to take out Inter out of the Serie A league championship battle in less than 4 months.

Today's Rafael Benitez is a different coach than the young one he was when he came to Valencia and won trophy's and then won trophy's with Liverpool also. Valencia is a different side also and Barcelona and Real Madrid are different beasts now all together.

Chance of success: 6/10 - Its unlikely he is going to produce the results for Valencia at this time and age.

2. Michael Laudrup. People like him because he is a young and promising coach and he has had a good playing career as well, so he is a known name. While his playing career is rich and successful, his coaching career is still a question. He has been very successful with Getafe reaching the Copa Del Ray finals and loosing to Valencia CF, as well as the quarter finals of the Uefa cup and loosing to Bayern Munich.

He went to coach Spartak Moscow and was a huge fluke having made a string of bad results and was sacked within 7 months. He is now coach at Mallorca who are currently 10th at the table with no notable results.

Chance of success: 5/10 - This is too much of a risk. He had one great season with Getafe, but has also been a flop, so its a 50-50% chance of success or huge failure.

3. Mauricio Pochettino. He is currently ridding a wave of success and hype, leading a mediocre team of youths and average players fighting for European competition. His coaching career is very new and he is very inexperienced as a coach. His first season at Espanyol he brought them from relegation zone and they finished 11th and this season are fighting for a spot in the European league. He is yet to achieve something notable in his coaching career.

Chance of success: 3/10 - He is a decent coach, but not at the level required to coach Valencia CF. He is neither experienced, nor successful and is very new to the coaching scene.

4. André Villas Boas - Much like Pochettino, Andre Villas is riding a wave of success and hype. He has been for most of his career an assistant of the now infamous Jose Mourinho, so he has had the pleasure of learning from one of the best coaches in the world. He was Jose's assistant coach in Porto and later in Chelsea and Inter.

In his first season as head coach he helped guide relegation team Academica to respectable 11th place finish and Portugeese league cup semi final. This season he has been Porto head coach and has achieved great success so far, beating the record of 33 unbeaten matches previously set by Jose Mourinho.

Chance of success: 7/10 - He is very inexperienced, but has learned from the best and has achieved some success under his belt, although he should be judged at the end of the season. Its a risky endeavor if VCF sign him but it may just work. If it works its going to be very successful period for Valencia, if it doesn't it may be really bad.

5. Manuel Pelegrini. The most experienced coach from the bunch above and probably the most successful as well, with less titles won than Rafael Benitez though, but otherwise being way more successful.

He became recognized at Villarreal, although his previous tenures have proven just as successful, but it was Villarreal that put him on the map as one of the best coaches in Spain and Europe.While he hasn't won anything with Villarreal he brought the club on the map as well. Before that Villarreal was one of those less known clubs in Spain with fairly poor history.

He is currently the coach of Malaga and has a 5 year long contract, though he hasn't made much progress with Malaga and anything can happen at the end of the season if Malaga are relegated to second division.

Chance of success: 8/10 - With Pelegrini you know what you get, its going to be a steady performance with little highs or lows. While he can probably be very successful with Valencia CF in Spain, he is also a doubt if he can deliver European Success.