Saturday, March 5, 2011

RCD Mallorca 1-2 Valencia CF - Match Report

Just 3 days after the unlucky and controversial defeat to Barcelona, Valencia CF managed to rise to the occasion and win against a tough Mallorca side, who were up till now renowned for not loosing to Valencia in the last two years and in fact winning 3 of the 4 matches.

But before I start I must commend my self once again for predicting the correct result of Mallorca 1-2 Valencia. I seem to be getting more and more reliable in my prediction and I hope my prediction of Valencia winning against Schalke when I make the preview come true.

Anyways Valencia started the match in full control and very confident and assured, like something has changed and in reality it really has. I guess after 3 months of not loosing a match you gain that kind of confidence and spirit to fight hard and so the players were playing really well.

Mallorca has one of two chances and Valencia having few chances as well. Mata had a good try in the 22th minute and later on Jonas had a chance to open up the scoring early, but his shot went wide. Valencia were punished in the 31st minute when the referee awarded Mallorca a penalty which didn't really exist, but anyways the referee has got the final word and Ramis did took the opportunity and scored.

Just 1 or 2 minutes later Aduriz set up the ball to Pablo who's shot went straight to the net, it was 1-1 and this would prove to be the result both teams would go at half time with.

In the second half after a lot of battle in the middle of the field and few decent chances on both sides Valencia scored one more goal, once again Pablo was the scorer and Jonas made the assist.

Valencia took the lead, but soon after that Mallorca pushed forward and tried to at least get a draw and they had some dangerous shots towards Valencia's goal, though Guaita once again prove his worth and showed he is a top class goalkeeper and hopefully he stays in full form for many, many years for Valencia.

In the end it was a good match for Valencia as they leave with the 3 points and go happy and still confident to prepare for the champions league match against Schalke 04.

Technical details:
RCD Mallorca (1): Aouate; Cendros, Nunes, Ramis, Kevin; Nsue, Martí (Tejera, min 81), De Guzmán (Joao Víctor, min 85), Pereira (Aki, min 64); Castro y Webo.

Valencia CF (2): Guaita; Bruno, R. Costa, David Navarro, Jordi Alba; Topal, Ever (Albelda, min 87), Pablo, Mata (Vicente, min 80); Jonas (Joaquín, min 70) y Aduriz.

Goals: 29th min. 1-0 (p.) Ramis; 32th min. 1-1 Pablo Hernandez;. 56th min. 1-2 Pablo Hernandez.

Player Ratings:
Guaita 8 - Once again man of the match performance with some amazing reflex saves.
Bruno 6 - Reliable showing and did well in defense and helped out a little in attack as well.
Navarro 5.5 - Few smaller mistakes, but those can be punished easily by strong opposition, luckally Mallorca is not strong opposition.
R. Costa 5.5 - Did not cause a penalty by my judgement, but I'm quite biased. Otherwise same as Navarro as he did make some smaller mistakes.
Alba 6 - Not nearly as good performance as against Barelona, but did well in defense and went forward often enough.
Pablo 8 - Should probably share man of the match with Guaita as he found himself at the right place at the right time and scored two goals.
Banega 6 - Good passing, strong on the ball, but needs to work on his defending somwhat and stamina, seems to run out of steam by the 60th minute and kind of slow when moving.
Topal 7 - Great cover for the defense, made 2 visible tackles to prolong the Mallorca attack and helped out that way, and provided some clean and simple passing.
Mata 6.5 - Improvement over the last match and started the action that lead to the goal. His dribbling seems sloppy often times and need to work on that.
Jonas 7 - Most dangerous man and even though did not score any goals, he provided the assist to Pablo for the second goal and his movement and ball control were always great.
Aduriz 5.5 - Just came back from injury and he ran as if he was not injured. Covered a lot of ground and generally useful.
Joaquin 6 - Came in and provided a bit more depth on the right wing, but Valencia went defensive when he came on and could not really do much.
Vicente N/A - Came on late, had few nice touches, won the ball few times as well.
Albelda N/A - Short cameo just for him to regain some match form.