Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valencia's Miguel Brito never learns

Unai Emery stopping a fight
Few days ago a report emerged from a news paper about Valencia's right back Miguel Brito, the report claimed it had internal knowledge about a situation 2 years ago in which Miguel Brito shot with a gun towards a night club, after not being allowed to enter.
The report claims Miguel faces possible 5 years in jail and you would think Miguel would learn something from that, but no just 2 days after the report was published he was seen showing his middle finger towards media reporters.

He later claimed that he was not showing the middle fingers at the reporters, but at one specific man who supposedly "disrespected" him.
I think its too little, too late to try to defend itself and he should learn from his mistakes and not repeat them.

This is not Miguel's second time he has been in trouble, he has constantly been involved in assaults, accidents and other unlawful behavior.

Would the law finally catch up to Miguel? We'll need to wait and see.
I'm going to brake your neck! -Miguel Brito his usual self.