Friday, February 11, 2011

Valencia CF earns 1/4th of Barcelona and Real Madrd

Deloitte’s annual report on European football revenues has been released, and it reveals that once again Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona top the game’s money league.

I think you guessed who the top two would be, its not that hard to guess considering all stuff.

1st. Real Madrid; Revenue: €438.6m. Last year €401.4m
2nd Barcelona; Revenue: €398.1m. Last year €365.9m
3rd Manchester United: Revenue €349.8m. (€327m) 

As you can see the biggest money clubs are Barcelona and Real Madrid and incase someone was wondering why and how Spanish league was a 2 horse race, here is your answer - money. Only Real M. and Barca can purchase the best world players and it doesn't matter if they are 100 million euros or 40 million euros, they can do it. In fact Sandro Rosell(barca president) said he was planning a 60 million euros offer for Cesc Fabregas in the upcoming summer.

Valencia on the other hand gets about 40 million euros for TV rights, it gets about 40 million from ticket sales, it gets around 5 million for accessories and an additional 5-10 millions from sponsorship deals.

So all accounted for Valencia earns around 90-100 million euros per season, of course much depending on the success of the season.

I think its safe to say that Spanish league wont be competitive for at least another few years.