Thursday, January 6, 2011

Villareal CF vs Valencia CF Match Preview

Tonight is the second leg of the Copa Del Rey clash between Valencia and Villareal. The first match was played in Valencia at the Mestalla and the match ended in a 0-0 draw. This means that Valencia is coming to this second leg without an advantage from the first leg, although if this match ends in a draw with goals Valencia will go through on the away goal rule. If the first 90 minutes end 0-0 as the previous match, the clubs will play in additional time.

Valencia CF is coming to this match after a 2-1 victory over Espanyol with a bit of an lucky goal by Mata in the 92nd minute, because it seemed as Mata was offside when he scored. Still Valencia won and no matter how you win, every win is important. The team played well in the last match and more players have returned from injury and this will give Emery a small boost and more choices.
On the flip side Aduriz will miss the encounter due to his red card against Espanyol and goalkeepers Cezar and Moya are still injure, as well as Albelda.

This match reminds me of last seasons fight in this cup between Atletico Madrid and Valencia as both clubs were so evenly matched, but Atletico won on away goal, so I'm hoping Valencia can play the Atletico Madrid role this time and win on an away goal advantage. This match is very important and in essence serves as testing ground for the Champions League and how much can Valencia expect in the competition. A win tonight would also boost the motivation and self belief of the players and with a tough season ahead every positive thing is welcomed!

Valencia CF squad:
Goalkeepers: Guaita, Saúl.
Defense: Miguel, Bruno, R.Costa, Stankevicius, Dealbert, Mathieu, Jordi Alba .
Midfield: Maduro,Topal, Éver, Joaquín, Pablo, Feghouli, Vicente.
Attack: Mata, Isco, Soldado, Alcácer.

Villareal CF are also coming strong to this match as they easily beat Almeria the past weekend and are keeping up at the top with Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Villareal are also boosting one of the best home records in La Liga, behind only by Real Madrid and would want to use this advantage. Valencia ha proven to be strong though as we've seen in the La Liga match and it will come down to individual performances most likely.
Villareal are likely to see this match as an advantage due to the 0-0 draw in the previous leg, but would take things cautiously as they can easily loose if there are goals, but it ends in a draw.

Bad news for Villareal is the absense of Marcos Senna due to a hamstring injury, striker Nilmar is also out due to injury and former Valencia player Marchena is also ruled out.

Villareal CF squad: to be announced...

Valencia CF Technical:
Formation: 5-4-1
Line up: Guaita; Miguel, Stankevicious, Dealbert, R. Costa, Mathieu; Joaquin, Maduro, Topal, Mata; Soldado.
Tactics: Low zone defense, double line defensive perimeter, deep zone laying midfield, wing attacks, high frequency crosses.

Valencia is going to play the same way they played against Villareal in La Liga. There are going to be 5 defenders, with the full backs going forward and helping out the wingers. The central midfielders are going to cover a wide area of any weak spot at the back with the wingers also coming back to help. The attack will be through the wings with the full backs adding support and even serving as midfielders to spread the ball.

Result prediction:
Villareal CF 1-1 Valencia CF
This is going to be a very tight match with both sides approaching cautiously. Any mistake can mean a loss and the importance will be on the defense. Valencia managed to get a draw at Villareal in La Liga and its possible now, but draw at 1-1 so that Valencia continues in the tournament.