Thursday, January 6, 2011

Joaquin assaults the referee

After the Villareal vs Valencia match tonight ended Joaquin attacked the referee in the tunnel. Joaquin went to the main referee and said that he is a thief, stupid and low life asshole.
He than tried to physically attack him and swore at him. The cowardly referee not knowing what to do gave him a red card. Now I'm not too familiar with the rules, but I'm pretty sure you can't give a player a red card after the match has ended.

The referee said that he gave him a red card because he was insulted, threatened and assaulted by Joaquin.

Personally I think this referee should be fired because he is bad at this job and secondly he should have confronted the situation like a man and not like a scared little girl.

Also Valencia needs to file a suit on these referees as I think every expert can agree that they always make huge bad calls against Valencia.