Thursday, October 7, 2010

Valencia CF goalkeeper Cezar rank so far - Player Ratings

Valencia CF Goalkeeper Cezar being unbeatable as always

This is just for fun while we wait two weeks for the next match against Barcelona. I'll do an overall ranking for all players that have started and played more than 3 games. I'll start with Cezar first and probably do one ranking each day. Note that I did not watch the game against Athletico Madrid and have no rating for that game, so I'll just skip it.
I'll also do an overall rank of all players when the first half of the season ends and see which player has performed the best, this will also serve to see if players have played better in the first half of the season or the second and show us which players need to go and what positions need strengthening.

Player rank:
vs Bilbao; Cezar 6
vs Man. Utd.; Cezar 8
vs Sporting Gijon; Cezar 7
vs Hercules; Cezar 8.5
vs Bursaspot; Cezar 6
vs Racing Santander; Cezar 9
vs Malaga; Cezar 8
Overall score: 7.5
Cezar gets an overall score of 7.5 and will probably be one of the highest scores of any player after 7 rated games. He has been great so far, with only the last game making one big error that let Bilbao score a late goal from freekick, otherwise a great display from the veteran in all games.