Sunday, October 3, 2010

Valencia CF 2-1 Atletico Bilbao

First of all my result prediction came absolutely true and hopefully they will be true all season and Valencia will keep winning. Now to the game...

Valencia needed to bounce back from the loss to Manchester United and it had an opportunity to do it at home against Atletico Bilbao and the team did not disapoint.
Valencia started the game furiously, you can see the desire to win in the players eyes and it didn't take long for Valencia to threaten Bilbao's goal. Few crosses in the 16 meters, but no one could head the ball to the net, until the 11th minute which started from a superb back pass from Pablo to the oncoming Soldado, who got rid of one defender and crossed the ball to Aduriz who calmly headed the ball in the net, it was 1-0 for Valencia.
In the 20th minute Aduriz headed the ball just wide after a good cross, mere minute later Mathieu dribbled his way into the opposition lines but could not put a final pass. Than we had a chance in the 36th minute when Aduriz had a clear chance on goal, after being released by Mata but could only shoot wide. It was a terrific chance and would have put Valencia into a comfortable lead.
In the final minute of the first half Pablo crosses towards Aduriz, but he misses again.

In the second half Atletico Bilbao were far more dangerous and had more control of the ball, essentially the first half belonged to Valencia, while the second to Bilbao.

In the 50th minute Llorente had a good chance and he shot towards the goal, but it wasn't to be, that just two minutes later Bilbao created another chance and shot towards Ceraz's goal again, but couldn't get the ball into the net.
In the 55th minute Topal had a good cross from the left side, but Aduriz missed the cross, only to find its way to Soldado who shot wide.
Several runs and decent chances on both sides for about 10 minutes and Vicente came in for Mata.
66th Minute Pablo had a good opportunity as he shot at goal, but it was a weak shot and Bilbao's goalkeeper caught the ball. Minutes later there was a big mess in Valencias defensive field and Bilbao had 3 shots towards Cezar blocked and luckily we did not receive a goal.
There were many chances still on both sides and in the meantime Chori came in for the frustrated Soldado and than Feghuoli for Pablo.

While the game seemed set to finish 1-0 for Valencia Chori Dominguez and Vicente had other plans. Chori got the ball, run on the right side, managed to pass 2 defenders and assisted Vicente, who made a false move to negate two defenders and than calmly slotted the ball into the net with his right foot.
But the game did not end there, no all Valencia fans had to endure a huge scare after Atletico Bilbao managed to score a goal from a free kick less than a minute after Vicente scored the goal.
After additional 2 minutes of scares and mess in front of Valencia's goal the referee stopped the game and Valencia won 2-1.

Player Ratings:
Cezar 6: While usually he is a calming presence, he wasn't at his best in this match, clearly wasn't ready for the free kick as he was still positioning himself when the shot was taken.
Bruno 6.5: Good display in both defense and attack, linked well with Pablo.
Navarro 7: Good defending, managed to overcome the threat of Llorente.
R. Costa 7: Also a good performance from Costa, made several tackles and denied Bilbao from scoring.
Mathiey 7: One of the more complete performances from Mathieu, he did great in defense and attack.
Pablo 8.5: The liveliest player on the field and the most dangerous one, made the pass to soldado leading to the first goal, had 2 shots at goal and created many chances for his team mates.
Fernandes 7: Controlled the game greatly in the first half, but as Bilbao pushed out in the second he lost that control, though he did great still.
Topal 7: You could not see him do anything, but his positioning and covering for the defenders is great and although usually overlooked, I'm noticing it and he gave a good performance.
Mata 6: While he provided few dangerous passes, he is the player that one minute can play a superb pass and open up the field and the next 15 minutes you see nothing of him. Must be more active and must penetrate the left side more.
Soldado 5.5: Missed numerous chances that he should have converted into goals. Had the assist to Aduriz though.
Aduriz 6: Would have scored better if he also didn't miss so many chances. Took his goal nicely, but missed a stunner chance in the 36th minute, than missed several more.
Vicente 7: Good performance from Vicente, didn't have many runs on the left, but got deep in defense to help out and calmly slotted the second goal for Valencia.
Chori 7: Provided the assist to Vicente's goal and also returned deep into defense to help out.
Feghuoli NA: Not enough time, though he did provide the pass to Chori and also defended well.

Technical details:
Valencia CF 2: César; Bruno, David Navarro, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu; Topal, Fernandes; Pablo (Feghouli, min. 82), Mata (Vicente, min. 65); Aduriz and Soldado (Domínguez, min. 75).
Athletic Club 1: Iraizoz; Iraola, San José, Aitor Ocio, Aurtenetxe; Orbaiz (Susaeta, min. 46), Javi Martínez (Muniaín, min. 69); Gurpegi, Gabilondo; Igor Martínez (Toquero, min. 58) and Llorente

Goals: 1-0 Aduriz (min. 10), 2-0 Vicente (min. 91), 2-1 Gabilondo (min. 93)