Thursday, October 7, 2010

David Villa speaks about Valencia

Barcelona striker David Villa payed tribute to former club Valencia for making him the footballer that he is today and helping him develop as a player.
David Villa has been Valencia's best goalscorer for five consecutive seasons, always scoring more than 20 goals and even having something like 14 assists in the 2007 campaign where he was La Liga top assistant.

David Villa and Barcelona will face Valencia in two weeks time at the Camp Nou. David Villa said: "I took my first steps at Sporting, then Zaragoza, but everything I have achieved in football, Valencia have given me. In the five years I played with them, I played in the Champions League, I fought for many titles, and there is no doubt that those years were the most important of my life. Thanks to them, I’m now with this club [Barcelona].

I will try to score against Valencia when we face them, because I am a professional, like I did against Sporting. But I have much love for Valencia and respect for all the people who have made me better, so I would not celebrate.

“Their team is doing fine. They are a big team that does not suffer when it loses one or two players. Their signings have been very good, and already the players are at a high level.”