Friday, October 29, 2010

Blog news

As you can see I've updated the theme for the blog, the previous theme was too dark, not very inviting and also wasn't very Valencia like. Ultimately wasn't too use friendly and so I changed it. I've also been working on new pages like VCF fixtures calendar that will show games played with link to reports and rating for the team in that particular match, as well as upcoming matches, I have a page about the new Mestalla with info and pictures about it, was working on a flash rating system for players, so its an automated process and not manual one, but turns out blogger doesn't really support this and ended up being more manual labor so I'm looking at other ways of doing that, I'm also working on a squad page and will slowly but surely start adding them one by one as they are complete and I want to make it stylistic and not just have tons of text.

In few hours(hopefully) I'll have the match preview up and I'm also looking at ways to standardize the match previews and reports and not be so different every time i post them, though so far I have not been able to pinpoint the best way.