Monday, September 6, 2010

Valencia CF short view for the weekend

Just five more days until we see Valencia play again against Racing. I'm looking forward to Saturday night and hoping that Valencia can impress again.
These points against smaller teams in the beginning of the season are of utmost importance that will allow us to go more confident into bigger matches and also keep track with Barcelona.
I think that this year we have the most complete squad, a squad that can play offensively and defensively depending on the game. While last year we had Villa and Silva, we depended too much on them and players often relied only on them to do miracles and win games.
This year however all that is changed, players have no more cover and with the arrivals of the new ambitious players there is fight for starting place at each position.

I think our attack is the most scary thing we have this year. Between Soldado, Aduriz, Chori, Mata, Joaquin, Pablo, Vicente and even Jordi Alba and Feghuoli we have tons of options and great talents.

With the arrival of Marius we've also strengthen our defense, and although many will say Marius is only a bench player to cover for an already bench player, I think differently. Firstly he adds more depth to the defense in pure numbers, secondly he is a very physical player so he can just push away most opposition attackers that lack the necessary agility and speed. So he may not be the best defender, but he can provide great cover especially when injuries start to occur.

Next up is Manuel Fernandes. He was almost set to leave for Malaga, but he refused to go there and I'm glad he stayed. While his staying will give Unai Emery many headaches as to who to play in midfield with so many options available to him, Fernandes can give Tino Costa a run for his money and this will create a fierce competition between the two that will enable them to improve.
With some places still up for grabs, it creates a healthy atmosphere of friendly competition that will only serve to strengthen Valencia as a team and we all want a strong and competitive Valencia that can bring some happiness to our life's. Having said all that we should not loose our sight and objectives, Valencia president Llorente is right when he says our primary objective is to finish into Champions League spot. If Valencia manage to be La Liga champions that would be great, but Valencia must set its objectives right and work towards them. Anything more would be a big plus.

So there you have it, in the following days there will be articles about how our Valencia players did on international duty. I'm hoping to see Banega start for Argentina vs Spain.