Saturday, September 11, 2010

Valencia CF 1-0 Racing Santander

Valencia won their second game of the season in front of the Mestalla fans.
It was a spectacular game, full of chances, shots and crazy but very interesting moves and mostly from the Valencia players.
The game started very energetically with Valencia immediately having few chances. Mata and Joaquin were combining well on the right side and Valencia had few shots on goal. With that came a great  through ball to Aduriz, but Racing goalkeeper was just a millisecond faster to it.
Valencia had most of the play when in the 22nd minute Ever Banega was injured after a challenge. Tino Costa replaced him, but Valencia didn't loose any of its attacking proves.
Racing had two or three chances of their own, but Cezar as always was there to save the day.

Just before the half time whistle, Mata got the ball, made a short move left and unleashed a great cross than found Maduro, who headed the goal in Racing's goal and it was 1-0 for Valencia.

After the break Valencia came out with a furious tempo, Joaquin had several runs on the right side but his final pass was somewhat missing. Than Vicente woke up on the left side and he and Jordi Alba combined well to create couple of scoring opportunities.
One chance in particular was when Jordi put a through ball to Vicente, who than got in the opponents 16th meters and made a great pass to Aduriz who had a clear sight and shot on goal, but instead of shooting with his left foot, he moved a little to set up to shoot with his right and missed the goal.
Racing had one scary chance when a player of their got alone in front of Valencias goal, but Cezar made a miraculous save once again and saved the day, already numerous times in this game alone.

Chori than came in for Mata and he immediately had a huge impact, he dribbled past few opponents and tried to make a pass, but the pass didn't find any Valencia player.
Than Joaquin tried a long range effort, but the Racing goalkeeper saved, but the ball went wild and Chori got a hold of it and he tried another pass to find a Valencia player, but it wasn't to be.
The game finished Valencia 1 - 0 Racing.

Anyways a great game for Valencia, very attacking display and great combinations between the players, their dedication and motivation is huge and all have great physical and fitness level than allowed them to run and never stop and fight for every ball for the entire 90 minutes.

Technical data:
Valencia CF: César, Maduro, Albelda, Joaquín, Mata (Domínguez, min. 70), Aduriz, Vicente (Mathieu, min. 87), Ricardo Costa, Ever (Tino Costa, min. 24), Miguel and Jordi Alba.

Racing: Toño, Henrique, Cisma, Arana (Ariel, min. 67), Colsa, Munitis (Adrián, min. 79), Rosenberg, Francis, Kennedy, Torrejón and Diop.

Goals: 1-0 Min. 46 Maduro

Players ratings:
Cezar - 9: Outstanding performance for the veteran goalkeeper, saved Valencia numerous times in this game.
Miguel - 7: Solid defensively, intercepted few balls and generally marked his man well, also supported Joaquin decently in attack.
Maduro - 6.5: Good performance from Maduro, in his place when he needed to be and worked well with Ricardo Costa.
R. Costa - 6.5: Same as Maduro, had a good game and the defense didn't allow any goals.
Jordi Alba - 8.5: Was all over the field, defense, midfield, attack and performed all his duties admirably. His dedication and motivation was visable throught the match and he impressed me and surely the coach. Was also a menace for Racing when going in attack and had several great combos with Vicente.
Albelda - 7: Same as always, nothing flashy, nothing extraordinary, but kept Racing attacks in check and brake up their play to the best of his ability.
Ever Banega - N/A: Didn't play much at all, only 22 minutes when he was injured and replaced.
Joaquin - 7.5: Once again a great performance, he really is starting to shine this season.
Vicente - 8: Vicente had a great night, although he was pretty annonoumous in the first half, he got way better in the second half. Combined well with Alba and created few chances that should have been goals.
Mata - 6.5: Good performance from Mata, a lot better than his last performance, had a shot and provided the assist for the only goal for Valencia.
Aduriz - 5.5: Poor display from Aduriz, he ran well, got in great positions, but his finishing let him down majorly in this game. If he had scored his chances it could have easily been 3 or 4 goals for Valencia.

Tino Costa - 7: Good replacement for Banega, but he still needs a lot of work. Valencia lost much of the ball and possession with him instead of Banega, but improved as the game wore on.
Chori - 7: Had around 30 minutes to create some chances and that's what he did.Mata place in the first eleven looks more under pressure from every corner.
Mathieu -N/A: Only played 3 minutes plus stoppage time.