Monday, September 20, 2010

Hercuels 1-2 Valencia CF

First of all, my prediction of the result came true, I predicted a tough and close victory for Valencia and that was the case, I also predicted 2-1 for Valencia and that came true also. So I'm glad about my prediction and glad that Valencia won the game against the bitter rival Hercules.

It was a strange opening after only 1 minute and around 20 seconds Juan Mata opened the scoring for Valencia. He met a fine cross from Pablo I think (sorry, watched the game on internet with bad quality) and shot from a difficult angle, but managed to find the net. It was 1-0 for Valencia CF.

Hercules than had two chances, but one was saved from Cezar and one went to the side of the goal. Than came in Joaquin with a great solo run, passed the ball to Mata and this one to Pablo who than fired a long range shot and the ball went in, it was 2-0 for Valencia.

Hercules had one more try at goal, but Cezar was superb once again and saved Valencia. Than came in Trezeguet who tried to cross the ball to the penalty area but it hit Navarro on the hand and it was penalty for Hercules. Trezeguet took the penalty and converted it to goal, Hercules managed 1 goal back.

Five minutes in the second half Navarro and a Hercules player collided, but unfortunately Navarro took the worse end as he ended up injured and with a second yellow card, which meant automatic red card.
Valencia were now with 10 players and it was all Hercules from than on. They had numerous chances, but Cezar made several saves to deny Hercules.

The game ended Hercules 1-2 Valencia and it was a hard fought victory for Valencia.

Player ratings:
Cezar - 8.5: Made countless saves and was the main man, why Valencia won.
Miguel - 6: Not a bad performance, but after Valencia went one man down he had to stay only in defense.
Maduro - 5.5: Not the best performance, between him and Navarro they made several mistakes that could have easily cost Valencia the game.
Navarro - 4.5: Did not play intentionally with hand, but it was a penalty never the less, than maybe unlucky to pick a second yellow card and that was a mistake from the referee, but should have been more careful.
Mathieu - 4.5: Had problems all night long, made few really bad mistakes and lucky none of his mistakes didn't result in goals.
Joaquin - 6: Good performance in the first half, had to play more defensively in the second half due to being one man down.
Topal - 6.5: Great performance for Topal, made numerous tackles and interceptions and was probably the most solid player in this match.
Tino Costa - 5.5: Did not insert his influence and Valencia had pretty bad possession and this was in the first half, in the second with one man down he was lost and early substituted.
Pablo - 7: Had an assist for Mata's goal and than managed to score a goal himslef, great performance.
Mata - 6: Decent performance from Mata, scored a great goal and made the assist for the second, but went in and out of the game and was only on occasion dangerous, more is expected from him.
Soldado - 5.5: Did not have many chances, but could have done better. Not his best match.

Dealbert - 6: Came in after Navarro got a red card and was decent in defense.
Chori - 6.5: Did well considering the position Valencia was in.
Fernandes - 6: Did better at least offensively than Tino Costa and run a lot to cover for the defense also.

Technical data:

Hércules 1: Calatayud, Paz, Drenthe, Aguilar, Peña, Trezeguet, Fritzler, Valdez (Portillo, min. 68), Cortés, Pamarot и T. Gomes (Tote, min. 64).

Valencia CF 2: César, Maduro, Navarro, Topal, Joaquín, Soldado (Domínguez, min. 61), Mata (Dealbert, min. 54), Pablo, Mathieu, Miguel и Tino Costa (Fernandes, min. 73).
0-1 Min. 2 Mata
0-2 Min 22 Pablo
1-2 Min. 42 Trezeguet