Friday, August 13, 2010

Soldado criticizes Valencia CF after poor showing in Italy

Valencia striker Soldado was very critical after the bad play from Valencia in Italy.
The Valencia players played a triangle game against Napoli and Palermo in both of which they played lackluster and was another disappointment for fans all over the world.
Roberto Soldado spoke after the games: "We played bad last night, there can't be more excuses, team like Valencia must always win".
"Next Wednesday we play against a strong opponent, against Fiorentina on home soil and in front of our fans. We must win that game. I'm very angry at the players, there is no more excuses for us and we must play and win".
Soldado also touched about the minimal number of goals scored in the preseason: "players like us must be able to create more chances in front of goal"
"Things aren't looking up for us currently, though there are still two weeks before the season starts. We can improve a lot in that time-frame."

They better improve and improve fast, or else this season is going to be a disaster.