Thursday, August 12, 2010

Napoli vs Palermo vs Valencia CF live

Okay so it 33rd minute now, Napoli have most of the ball possession and more initiative towards Valencia goal.
Valencia is still not playing like a team, too many long balls, too many lost balls and too much solo play.
38th minute: Del Horno should have sealed his faith right now. If I was Unai Emery I would immediately terminate his contract. Valencia had the ball, I think that Tino Costa passed the ball towards Del Horno, but Del Horno didn't go towards the ball to get it and allowed a Napoli player to steal it and score a goal.
45th minute: The referee whistles the end of the first half.

Overall it was a poor game by Valencia once again. No real progress has been made towards more ball possession and the passing was terrible by all Valencia players.

Palermo vs Valencia started. Valencia has more ball possession this time around with Manuel Fernandes spreading the ball well in midfield. The flanks also look more dangerous now, with Pablo and Vicente playing on the wings.
Palermo scores a goal though, with another Valencia's defensive mistake, this time Dealbert was out-jumped and its an easy goal for Palermo.