Saturday, August 28, 2010

Malaga CF 1-3 Valencia CF

Malaga CF vs Valencia CF: 1-3 score. Valencia CF has won its first season match against Malaga.
Valencia CF started its La Liga campaign in the best possible way, with a 1-3 win against the host Malaga with a goal from Aduriz and two goals from Joaquin, who looked on fire.

Valencia started the game with more confidence and control and for the first 15 minutes were the only team playing. The first goal actually came in the 10th minute after a corner kick from Banega. Aduriz outjumped the Malaga defense and headed the ball into goal.
Malaga grew more in confidence as the game went on, they even had a few chances to draw, but ultimately it looked like Valencia will hold until the 44th minute. Fernandez had a try at goal from a free kick and headed the ball to the goal.

The second half started pretty much as the first with Valencia more in control, but things changed fast and Malaga started pushing towards Valencia's goal. The backline almost surcomed to the pressure and started allowing Malaga attacking players too much space.
After several shots from Malaga and a briliant save from Cezar to keep Valencia in play, things started looking better for us as Pablo came in for Vicente and than after Jordi Alba for Mathieu.

In the 70th minute after a great run from Joaquin he fired a powerful shot towards Malaga goal, which took deflection from a Malaga defender and it was goal for Valencia.

Joaquin was catching fire, he started moving positions with Pablo, running everywhere and causing all kind of problems for Malaga. He would score his second goal in the 74th minute after a good cross from Alba to Aduriz, who put the ball down and towards the oncoming Joaquin who fired a stunner into Malagas goal and the keeper had no chance to catch it, it was 3-1 for Valencia.

Player Ratings:
Cezar - 8: Made several standard saves and that came a crucial save to keep Valencia at 1-1.
Miguel - 6.5: Secure defensively, marked his man well and did well to support Joaquin in attack.
Navarro - 7: Very secure performance for the veteran, had couple of shots and passes blocked and will be happy with his performance.
R. Costa - 5.5: A shaky performance from the Portugal international, had several bad moments that could have cost Valencia the game. Maybe its because its first official game for Valencia or that he hasn't played with Navarro before, but he would like to improve after tonight's game.
Mathieu - 6: Very solid defensively and just when I thought he's done great, he made a mistake and instead of shooting the ball away and out of danger he lost it and could have easily cost Valencia the game.
Joaquin - 8.5: Man of the match. Had a great evening with good passing, smart through balls and finished it off with two well taken goals.
Albelda - 7: Assured performance from Albelda as always, covered well, but surprisingly didn't break up Malaga's play too much, maybe he had less of a support from Banega.
Banega - 7: Great play from Banega in attack, had several shots that he created for himself, few great passes, but failed a bit in supporting the defense and didn't link up well with Albelda.
Vicente - 6: After a superb preseason for Vicente he just couldn't keep the momentum going and its just too bad, I had high hopes for him in this game. Its looking as he may have lost his starting place to Pablo.
Mata - 5: Terrible performance from the "underpaid" player. It seemed as everything he did was terrible. He could not control the ball at all, did not contribute in attack in any way and had several opportunities he missed. A Spanish international and a great player would have not missed those chances and would have opened more opportunities for his team mates.
Aduriz - 7.5: Great start to the season from Aduriz who came in because of the injured Soldado. He scored on his first official game for Valencia, had few headers and shots on goal and made the assist for Joaquin's second goal. Could make Emery question who to be the lead striker this season.

Pablo - 6.5: Didn't have a terrible amount of time, but the game immediately went if favor of Valencia after his arrival on the field. The left side became much more threatening with him around instead of Vicente and really he just made more space for his team mates as more defenders needed to keep him at bay.
Alba - 6.5: Didn't have much time, but it was his cross that started the chance for the third Valencia goal.
Tino - N/A