Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Valencia CF to reacquire Rafa Mir?

Valencia CF sold Rafa Mir in 2018 to Premier League club Wolves who incidentally also have former Valencia CF coach Nuno Santo managing them. On 24 November 2015, Mir was called up to the main squad by manager Nuno Espírito Santo. So no wonder Wolves purchased Rafa Mir, although he was instantly loaned out and has been loaned out each consecutive season.

Wolves last loaned Rafa mir to Huesca, and he's broken through with them and scored 15 goals in all competitions, also providing several assists. He has scored in each of their last six matches and of course with that he brought big attention on to himself.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Samu Costa to join Valencia CF?

Samu Costa to join Valencia CF this summer? Valencia CF is supposedly interested in Almeria's midfielder Samu Costa who has joined them on a loan for the 2020/21 season and has featured 11 times for them so far. Samuel Costa is a Portuguese footballer who is a youth product of Braga football club, he joined Braga's B team in 2019 and the following year was promoted to the first team, but shorty after loaned out of UD Almeria. 

His agent is Jorge Mendes and according to reports his price tag is 6 million euros for 60% of the players rights. Very steep price tag for a player who's barely featured 11 times for UD Almeria and who only played one match for Braga before being loaned out, but we all know Jorge Mendese's players are usually overpriced flops or one season wonders. Considering Peter Lim and Jorge Mendes are close friends though, it wouldn't surprise me if Valencia CF slashed 6 million euros for this player. 

Valencia Mestalla in shambles

Miss this guy yet?
You thought Valencia CF has issues, think again! Valencia Mestalla or Valencia's B team is doing terribly, so much so that the team is last position in segunda B relegation group, after being last in their previous group. There is 4 if I may call them "divisions" above the one VCF Mestalla is playing right now, so its not like they were just too highly positioned and are now going back to their real level, no the division the team is right now is quite low, there is still a bit lower than that, but at those levels its teams C level or lower teams playing.

Peter Lim and Anil Murthy love to mention the word "youth", but how can Valencia CF draw from its youth pool, when these players are so bad they can't even sustain in second division group 3 or whatever. This is just another example of the bad management under Peter Lim, there is literally no long term planning, no long term stability, no real management and staff that have a clue how to run a club. Its all makeshift, put duck tape on it and leave it be like that. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Wolves going after Goncalo Guedes

Premier League side Wolves are considering a possible player-plus-cash deal for Valencia winger Goncalo Guedes ahead of the 2021/22 season. Wolves are managed by non other than former Valencia CF coach Nuno Santo and he has been closely following Valencia CF since his sacking, and he has identified Goncalo Guedes as this summers target for his team. 

Italian midfielder Patrick Cutrone joined Valencia CF on a six-month loan from Wolves in January and even though he hasn't featured enough, Wolves are hoping that a decent 20 million euros offer plus the player will entice Valencia CF enough to sell Goncalo Guedes.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Valencia CF 2-2 Real Sociedad Match Report

Valencia CF had such an advantage going into this match, with almost half of Real Sociedad squad out injured, the rest fatigued from a mid week match against Bilbao, Valencia CF with pretty much all of its players available for selection and it still isn't enough. 

Andoni from Real Sociedad handles the ball with his hand and gives away a penalty, Soler sets up to take it and he misses. We were served a goal on a platter and still couldn't take advantage of it. Then as a punishment for the missed penalty Real Sociedad instantly score a goal. The first real attack by Real Sociedad and our defense makes a mess out of it, and Uros Racic loses his mark, then Soler rushes in but is tricked also and loses the player, Diakhaby comes to cover, but again he doesn't apply enough pressure and Guevara is able to send a shot wide and low, Jaume fails to reach the ball and its a goal.

Valencia CF vs Real Sociedad Match Preview

Valencia CF

Valencia vs Real Sociedad - Predictions, Betting Tips & Match PreviewReal Sociedad

Real Sociedad

Date 2021-04-11 15:15

Valencia CF had a huge opportunity to improve its standing and move up the table against Cadiz last week as the team was playing well coming into that match and was against a what should have been a weaker opponent, but they failed to beat them, and in fact Valencia CF lost to them in such a disappointing fashion, even a draw would have been fine at that point, but we lost.

In fact the biggest thing to come out of that match was an alleged racist incident, but the Spanish league did not found any evidence about that either, so Valencia CF has nothing to show for from that match. In fact I'd say racists are now emboldened after all of that, as they know they can discreetly say racist things and they'll even be protected as long as there is no evidence. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Fans must return to the stadiums

Its now been year and a half since Covid19 and for most of that time stadiums have been empty. This has caused major financial troubles especially for the smaller clubs, the big clubs like Manchester City or Bayern Munich or Real Madrid have major sponsors and gigantic fanbases, over 80% of their income is other than ticket sales, but smaller clubs rely very much on their ticket sales, in fact for some clubs ticket sales account for about 50% of their income, so being without audiences for year and a half and as it seems likely even two years, governments and football associations must begin to think about opening up and allowing people back into the stadiums, before a permanent financial damage is done and clubs start going bankrupt left and right.

Whether it starts with stadiums only being able to be half full, whether masks are required to attend the games, whatever the case might be, stadiums need to start opening up. You can not have empty stadiums forever, you can not have no fans in matches forever, its unrealistic and dangerous. The fact that governments haven't even thought about the possibility of returning fans is mind blowing, especially as we are closing in on two years of complete shutdown of stadiums, not just in football, but in all other sports. Major financial damage is being done and can't be undone, can't be fixed, can't be reversed, you have clubs like ours who were already in a bad financial situation and not being able to generate revenue through tickets is really destroying Valencia CF.