Friday, August 28, 2015

Official: Aderlan Santos joins Valencia CF

Its official, Brazilian footballer Aderlan Santos is Valencia CF newest addition to the squad. He joins Valencia CF from Braga for about 7 million euros.

He is a central defender, so he joins is as a replacement for Nicolas Otamendi and has signed a 5 years contract with the club.


  1. i feel very bad about whats happening in the team this transfer market.
    bringing talented youth is great when you are in barca/madrid/atleti situation when everything is in order the team is stable and making the succses it should. we are not there. the team wasnt good enough last year to be top 3 and we didnt get stronger, on top of that we got weaker and a lot.
    our top 2 players last season were alves and otamendi.
    i thought we had trouble last year in attack but we didnt bring anyone new to solve that problem.
    the team gets to the cl and you dont bring good proven players for that project? you sign talented kids?
    and when your top cb leaves you bring a kid from a much lesser leauge? wtf
    money wise, cl is a lot. 45m for otamendi is a lot. we should have signed 3 great players:
    a strong proven cb, a better and more talented rb and another creative attacker.


  2. I am inclined to agree but this is a long term project. Andre gomes was unproven as was mustafi but I'd argue they were key players last season. Although I'm underwhelmed with this particular signing perhaps it will give Vezo the chance to progress. Have faith. We got a good price from otamendi a fantastic player but who didn't want to play for valencia. I prefer hungry young players. Santi mina will prove to be a great signing. Plus negredo is back trust me. He justified his big transfer fee with the goal against Monaco. On another note I hope we start with two strikers against depor.