Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rodrigo passes medical

Rodrigo has passed his medical for Valencia CF today. He arrived yesterday and spent the evening in Valencia. Now his father is negotiating the terms of the deal with all that is missing is the player's signature. The deal should be announced soon.


  1. Best news of the day Amunt! Hopefully the sale we go through as well so we can have Gomes permanently too. Any news on Jackson Martinez

    1. Jackson Martinez is a different case. He cannot join unless Lim's purchase is complete. With Rodrigo and Gomes, their economic rights are owned by Lim which is why this is possible. They both were taken on loan and the deal will become permanent later. With Martinez that is not the case. Currently, he is waiting for Lim to buy the club, that's all he can do. He could lose patience and end up joining Arsenal or something. We'll see. I just don't want to spend some 40-50 million euros on him, that is too much. Anyways, sorry if I haven't been replying to you, I read the comments under every post but yours don't show up with everyone else's. I don't know why.