Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Official: Rodrigo signed for Valencia CF!!

Here it is! The signing we've been waiting for is completed and Rodrigo has been presented. The 23 year old Spanish striker from Benfica becomes the fourth signing this summer transfer window following: Rodrigo de Paul, Dani Ramirez, and Andre Gomes.

This deal is similar to the type of deal which brought Andre Gomes to Valencia CF. It is a one-year loan that will be made into a full deal when Lim's takeover is complete (which could be extended as far as September, according President Salvo). Rodrigo is a great versatile forward that brings a lot of energy into any side and will do the same to Valencia CF. I'm so anxious to see how his partnership with Alcacer at the tip of the 4-4-2 will work.

Next up should be Enzo Perez according to reports, the third player from Benfica (I wonder how they'll deal with all these losses).

Any thoughts on Rodrigo? His partnership with Alcacer? Do you think this is enough for attack or would you prefer someone like Jackson Martinez or Chicarito join?


  1. Rodrigo and Alcacer are both good forwards but they will Need some one with more experience.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. We need an experienced striker that willing to sit on the bench, meanwhile we can loan Araujo so he could get playing time. Agreed. Oh could you do me a favor and comment where everyone else is commenting. It's easier to see and respond to your comments that way. Also, everyone else will be able to see your comment and interact. Here no-one will see it. Thanks in advance!