Thursday, March 3, 2011

Iturralde González defeated Valencia CF again

Was Jordi Alba onside or offside for the goal against Barcelona?
- Jordi alba was onside and the goal was legal, but the referee damaged Valencia once more.
Jordi Alba's offside is in fact onside and the goal should have stood!
Is Barcelona protected by the referees?
- Yes it is. I am not saying this based on this one offside, but rather the fact that every time a Barcelona player is touched, every time there is a fight for the ball, a struggle, a fall, etc... the referee/s always award a foul, which in tonight's match at least, the referee failed to award several obvious fouls for Valencia and has directly damaged Valencia.


  1. It's a "looser" mentality to focus on the referee. Mistakes like that happened, and will happen - did Valencia get more chances except that one? no. is Barcelona got a lot more chances? yes. that's the reason why Valencia didn't succeed to score, and Barca succeed.

  2. PS - And you even got that picture and drawings on it, to prove that onside clearly. To remind you - in the game, in "real time" - the referee has millisecond to take the right decision. Its easy to be wise after the fact..

  3. Yes referees in Spain suck overall, but that doesn't change the fact that the goal was onside and that Valencia deserved at least a draw.

    If the goal stood, the match may very well ended up with Valencia winning 3-0 for all we know.

  4. I can't remember when Valencia scored 3 goals against Barcelona. They didn't deserve a drew. That disallowed goal was theirs only scoring opportunity all over the game. I am Valencia fan too, but that's doesn't mean you need to be blind. Barcelona are far better side.
    "If the goal stood"... If Messi was a little bit more concentrate/less complacent.. he got 2 or 3 clear cut chances.. well, if and if and if. By the way, my "if" is more realistic then yours.. it was more close to a 3-0 to Barca then to Valencia.